西口明宏 -Akihiro Nishiguchi- (Sax)



兵庫県西宮市出身。中学入学と同時にビッグバンドジャズに出会い、テナーサックスを手にする。2006年、バークリー音楽院を卒業後、活動拠点をニューヨークに移し、自身のグループによるライブハウスでのレギュラー演奏や、映像やダンスなど他ジャンルとの共演など、多くのミュージシャンと出会い、セッションを重ねる。2010年に帰国後、ブルーノート75周年記念ライブのメンバーに抜擢。日野皓正、山中千尋、Ron CarterGene Jacksonとのグループでブルーノート東京に出演し、好評を博す。2017年には、自身のサックストリオ(須川崇志、石若駿)でデトロイトジャズフェスティバルに出演。現在までにアメリカ、台湾、ルクセンブルクなどの国内外のジャズフェスティバルに出演。
現在は自身の主宰のグループ、FOTOSHakuei KimJames Macauley、吉良創太、Marty Holoubek)、サックストリオ(David Bryant、粟谷巧)をはじめ、黒田卓也、中林薫平、古谷淳、秩父英里など多くのグループに参加。これまでに「Tre agrable」(2010年)、 PINGO」(2013年)、 FOTOS」(2020年)をリリースしている

AKIHIRO NISHIGUCHI(Jazz saxophonist, composer, arranger)

Born in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture. Discovered big band jazz and picked up the tenor saxophone upon entering junior high school. After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2006, he relocated to New York as his base of activity, where he met many musicians through regular performances with his own group at live houses and collaborations with other genres such as film and dance, and participated in sessions with them. In 2010, he was selected as a member of the Blue Note 75th Anniversary live, and appeared at Blue Note Tokyo with the group consisting of Hiromasa Hino, Chiharu Yoshida, Ron Carter, and Gene Jackson, which received great acclaim. In 2017, he performed at the Detroit Jazz Festival with his sax trio (Takashi Sugawa and Shun Ishiwaka). He has appeared at jazz festivals in various countries such as the United States, Taiwan, and Luxembourg. Currently, he is a member of many groups, including his own group FOTOS (Hakuei Kim, James Macauley, Sota Kira, and Marty Holoubek), sax trio (David Bryant and Takumi Awatani), and Takuya Kuroda, Kunpei Nakabayashi, Jun Furuya, and Eri Chichibu, among others. He has released "Tre agrable" (2010), "PINGO" (2013), and "FOTOS" (2020).

Nishiguchi currently resides in Tokyo, Japan where he performs both as a sideman and leader. Some of the notables that Nishiguchi has played with internationally include Ron Carter, Takuya Kuroda, Michel Reis, Billy Drummond, Kiyashi Kitagawa, Uri Gurvich, Leo Genovese, Bob Mintzer, Terumasa Hino, Teriver Chang, Aaron Choulai.